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Probate Law is an essential part of a Wills and Estate practice.

For over 25 years Graeme Heckenberg has been helping his clients and their families with Wills and Estates queries including grants of probate. His practice in the city at Macquarie Street and at Sydney’s Northern Beaches, offers full expertise on all Wills and Estates matters, whether it is simply making a Will or helping with more complex Probate matters.

Probate is a legal document,  an order from the Supreme Court validating that the Will in question was valid and was the last wishes from the deceased. The executor of the Will needs this document in order to distribute the estate in accordance with the last wishes of the deceased.

Probate is needed if the deceased died owning real estate. The exception to this is if the real estate was in joint names. If the estate is very small and uncomplicated there will be no need for Probate or Letters of Administration.

The need for Grant of Probate can depend on the form in which the assets are held. If an application for probate of the Will is uncontested, the grant of probate will be known as “common form” which means that the Will in question can be revoked. If a grant of probate is contested, the grant will be in “solemn form” and this can only be revoked in exceptional cases.

Where a Will is involved and Probate is entered into, it is important to seek expert legal advice from a specialist Wills and Estate Lawyer.

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