Left Out of a Will

In some cases people find that they have been “Left out of a Will” and it’s not until after the passing of a loved one that this matter comes to light!

Unfortunately by the very nature of the document the writer of the Will is not around to answer all of the questions, so  you need to engage a qualified lawyer to help you through the legalities.

Getting a copy of the Will from the Executor as well as any previous versions and a list of assets is a good place to start. If the Executor is “on the ball” he will be able to compare copies of the Will and note any significant changes. These can then be given to your lawyer.

Graeme Heckenberg has been dealing with such cases for over 25 years and he will be able to guide you as to whether you have a good case. Clients that have been “Left out of a Will” are usually quite emotional and engaging a qualified lawyer will help take the emotion out of the equation!

Ask yourself before you decide to go ahead. Does it make sense from a financial perspective to lodge a claim on the Will? i.e. does the potential gain outweigh the legal costs and emotion involved!

If you wish to seek expert legal advice about being “Left out of a Will”, make a call to Graeme Heckenberg at Northern Beaches Lawyers. He will talk you through the pros and cons and whether you have a good chance of any gain.

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