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Disputing a Will

Disputing a Will isn’t just a case of it’s not “fair”, it is formal objection against the validity of a Will.

On a daily basis potential clients call me wishing to dispute a Will of a family member. I always ask them to come in for a formal discussion, to see whether they have a case to dispute and more over, whether they actually have a good chance of winning!

Wills are not set-in-stone and judges do have the authority and power to overturn a Will.

With people living longer and remarriages on the rise, the re-writing of a Will may need to be done several times over, in a lifetime, depending on the complication of the family unit. Neglect this aspect and the results are a rise in cases of disputed Wills.

If you really feel that a Will needs to be disputed, seek the very best legal advice. Do your research on your lawyer, find out how many disputed cases they have actually been involved with from start to finish. What else do they practice in besides Wills and Estates? Do they specialise in their field or are they a general lawyer that sometimes looks after the odd Will?  Also buyer beware, of lawyers offering “No Win No Fee”, make sure that you read the small print, remember there’s no such thing as a “free lunch”.

Having specialised in Wills and Estates for over 25 years, at Northern Beaches Lawyers we will educate you on the pros and cons of disputing a Will. If you have a good case we will disclose all fees immediately to you, so that you know exactly the costs involved.

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