Protecting Your Inheritance – Alzheimers Case Study

“Dad’s got Alzheimers!” Protecting Your Inheritance – Alzheimers and dementia are curses of our time, but the loss of one’s capacity to look after oneself and one’s affairs can have other causes, and is not just a curse of the ageing. Alzheimers is not just a disease of the aged, and there are other diseases […]

Special Needs and Your Will

My daughter is severely disabled. How can I ensure she is adequately looked after when we are no longer around? Is there a Special Needs Trust that we can set up in our Will? Special Needs and Your Will – For parents of a child with a severe disability, how to ensure that their child […]

When a will is revoked by a new marriage

Your father needs to be informed that the Will he made when married to your mother has been revoked by his subsequent marriages My father has been married a couple of times and is currently engaged. He hasn’t changed his Will since my mother passed and is not getting any younger! I dread having to […]